Mix and match

Another low-circle party scenario with wine tasting is to ask your friends to come to your house with wine, you are in charge only for the right food for each variety. Give them a wine list and let them choose what they like: white, red, rosé. Then, when everybody is at your house, put the wine next to each dish and tell them how you made the association. Do it in Rock N Roll rhythms!

When you have the wine in all colors on your table, the tasting always starts with white wines. Because red wine is much stronger in flavor. It is important to take into account that you should taste dry wine before sweet wine and young wine before old wine. And one more important detail, perfume and chewing gum are forbidden, they fool the flavors in the bottles. That being said, let me make you a suggestion for your menu:


French cheese platter with Mirabilis Machina Blanc de Noir, white dry.

Main courses

Baked chicken and Chardonnay Beciul Domnesc Grand Reserve.

Bolognese Pasta and Fetească Neagră Beciul Domnesc Grand Reserve, red dry.


Crème caramel and Tămâioasă Românească Comoara Pivniţei with accents of honey and acacia flowers.