Plan a wine tasting in the heart of your home! Vincon tells you everything you need to know!

Wine is the best excuse to meet friends. Share stories over a drink, relax and enjoy the quality time spent together. So, how about scheduling a wine tasting with your friends right in your house? All you need is a few bottles of wine, glasses, delicious snacks and a good mood. We take care of the rest. Read further to find out how easy it is to be sommelier-like perfect host. Bear in mind – a wine tasting party is a small one, no more than 10 friends. So, let the fun begin!

Red, red wine night

First of all, turn your living room into a welcoming wine bar. Don’t think that you have to move the furniture along, it’s enough to lay a table, large enough, choose an American jazz playlist for the atmosphere as they do in a New York lounge. A few appetizers, cheeses and candied fruit should accompany the red wine.

A blend of dry Cabernet Sauvignon & Fetească Neagră Mirabilis Machina, a Cabernet Sauvigon Beciul Domnesc Grand Reserve and a Merlot Beciul Domnesc will enchant your senses all evening. We mentioned your taste bud, let’s not forget about your pupils, as wine should be seen first of all. Fill the glasses – it is desirable to have special wine glasses – two fingers of wine (or a third as the book defines it!) and start the tasting. If you want to play you can give the wine marks or write on a piece of paper and try to guess what you enjoy from each glass. Download a tasting sheet here.

  • Look at it!

    Red wine is complex, so it is not going to tell you all its secrets at a glance. Depending on how intense the red is, you will know the strength of the wine. Turn your glass into the light and look at it straight, then stir it and see its highlights! If there are traces on the glass, the wine is denser. You will see that Mirabilis Machina is ruby red with purple highlights.

  • Smell it!

    Your nose is paramount during the tasting stage. Your smell can tell you a lot about the bouquet of flavors. Don’t rush it! Bring your nose close to the glass and identify the flavors you recognize: fruits, spices, flowers, honey, chocolate, coffee, mint, etc. Red wine is so rich that it will be a challenge. For the medium dry Beciul Domnesc you will see fruity accents of raspberries, blackcurrants and cherries, and Cabernet Sauvignon enchants you with its dominant fruity highlights, of blackberries and blueberries.

  • Taste it!

    The first mouthful of wine is the most important. It is only now that you can feel its complexity, texture and tannin, as we are talking about red wine. The tannin is the substance that gives the wine its pungent taste. You may still feel a sweet, a little salty or even bitter taste.
    After this experience, you will surely feel red wine differently. Sense it carefully each time and let yourself be enchanted!

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