Rosé evening



If you liked and turned yourself round when tasting the red wines – the ultimate test – how about next weekend you would do something easier, for the summer? A Rosé accompanied by Mediterranean salads and dishes. To make rosé wine tasting even more fun, ask for a dress code and ask your friends to wear a pink accessory. In terms of decor, leave quotes in the living room that perfectly capture the theme of the meeting – “Think pink!”, “La vie en rosé!”, “Pink it’s not just a color, it’s an attitude”, “Save water! Drink rosé” etc.

Sempre Rosé from Vincon is the wine to accompany you when relaxing, therefore, this time, make things easier. After each mouthful of rosé, imagine where, in which place in the wide world, you would like to drink it, put a story in your head for it and let your friends guess the destination. It will be very interesting when you taste Sempre Rosé for the first time because this wine is full of mysteries, a Pinot Noir delight with highlights of citrus, cherries and strawberries. Where does your imagination take you?