Sempre relax!

We know, we all had a complicated period, full of uncertainties, but we have overcome it and took the time to discover new things and rediscover ourselves. Maybe we had some time for an older passion or even a new one, who knows? Or maybe we simply found the time to talk to ourselves, but also for a well-deserved relaxation. After all, any crisis means an opportunity, and this has brought a reset and a new beginning.

And what better way to celebrate this new beginning than with friends and family you haven’t seen in such a long time alongside a good wine? A special wine to mark your important moments? How about Sempre Rosé, a real invitation to well-deserved relaxation?

Maybe you are a person who always appreciates a dry wine, perfect for Asian or Mediterranean dishes. Or maybe you are the type who prefers the unmistakable taste of Busuioacă de Bohotin, with its intense flavor of jams and roses? Maybe you keep it for a fabulous dessert – how about a cream and fruit cake, cool and fragrant, to mark the new state of relaxation? And if you can’t decide, what do you say, you can have them both? I am certain that the people you surround yourself with would like them both.

Regardless of the people you are going to celebrate with and what type of wine you will serve, you already know that Sempre is the right choice for your important moments! Allow us to raise a glass in your honor! Santé! Sempre!