Summer is the season of white wine!

Summer is officially happening, in the calendar, in thermometers, but also in the refrigerator, where you can already see the newcomers of the day, isn’t it? We are talking about the few bottles of white wine, perfect for telling stories with your friends for hours. Stories, anecdotes, memories, plans for the future, maybe even a holiday, reconfigured according to the new rules, all shared over a bottle of good wine!

What do you need for a perfect July evening? One or several bottles of white wine, it doesn’t matter what type, white wine in your glass and TIME. You and your friends are in charge of having a good time and fun.

Now, we all know that there is no accounting for taste, however it is important to have a starting point when choosing which wine should we use when enjoying surrounded by friends. Most of us take mainly into account its type: sweet, half sweet, medium dry or dry, but there are other criteria that should also be taken into account when choosing. First of all, it is important where and how are we going to serve it, the time, the dishes we are going to serve, the occasion and not only. Predominant notes, easy to detect for connoisseurs, can make a difference! Some white wines surround us with a scent of elderflower, linden or acacia, when coming to fruit, we often find citrus, green apple, strawberries or wild strawberries. However, some of them can come with more exotic flavors, such as passion fruit, melon, pineapple. We can also find even mint or wild rose highlights. This is an interesting topic to discuss if we want to show our level of knowledge, who would have thought, right? Find these unique notes in the Romanian Tămâioasă from Beciul Domnesc Grand Reserve. A sweet wine, but sophisticated and complex, perfect for dessert, if you serve chocolate or caramel. But did you know that it goes perfectly with appetizers or main courses with sweet notes? For example, foie gras or various sweet sauces. Perfect for a sophisticated menu.

If the dry and medium dry types are more to your taste, then you can enchant your friends with surprising accents of green apple combined with a vanilla scent, which you can find in the Chardonnay bottle from Beciul Domnesc. It goes well with a fresh fish or appetizers. Or maybe you prefer the wow taste of green pepper and a hint of nettle or lemon peel from a Sauvignon Blanc from Egregio, excellent when served with a delicious portion of pasta, for example?

Ah, so many possibilities, and flavors… and yet, summer is already halfway through, maybe you should hurry to try them as soon as possible, we have just given you a small selection of suggestions, for variations for all tastes, click here.