Rosé Verité

Rosé Verité also called “one-day rosé”, as the grapes are maturated for only 24 hours. The medium dry and delicate wine has intense flavors of cherries and well-ripened strawberries. Match the pink color in your glass as a transparent sheet of onion with appetizers, salmon dishes, shrimp and salads with grapefruit.

Best served with: Appetizers, fish and seafood dishes, Mediterranean salads.
Recommended serving temperature: 8-10⁰C


  • Variety:
    Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Capacity:
    750 ml
  • Color:
    Onion leaves rosé
  • Quality category:
    D.O.C. C.M.D.
  • Vineyard area:
  • Type:
    Medium dry
  • Alcoholic strength:
  • Harvest year:
  • Fermentation:
    Direct pressing, followed by a light maceration in the press and the selective extraction of the free-flowing wine fraction, which led to the delicate color of the onion leaf. Aggressive deburring and fermentation at controlled temperature 12-14 degrees Celsius.
  • Olfactory highlights:
    High aromatic intensity of overripe cherries and strawberries.
  • Taste highlights:
    Fresh, with cherry flavors, with well-integrated acidity and medium-prolonged aftertaste.

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