Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is simply an invitation to relax. It has a velvety taste of citrus, ripe strawberries and yellow cherries. You can match it with Mediterranean and Asian dishes. Do not forget to cool it for a bit!

Best served with: Cheese, pasta, risotto, salads, seafood and fish dishes, white meat dishes, lightly seasoned, barbeque, Asian or Oriental cuisine dishes.
Recommended serving temperature: 8-10⁰C


  • Variety:
    Pinot Noir
  • Capacity:
    750 ml
  • Color:
    Overripe apricot color with light purple notes
  • Quality category:
    D.O.C. C.M.D.
  • Vineyard area:
  • Type:
  • Alcoholic strength:
  • Harvest year:
  • Fermentation:
    The Pinot Noir grapes, picked and sorted by hand, were crushed and the grape juice was extracted after a few hours, to avoid any prolonged contact with the skin of the grapes, thus limiting the color extraction to the desired level. The process continued with a drastic deburring at low temperatures and fermentation at a controlled temperature of 12-14 degrees, to preserve the primary flavors and to allow the development of secondary flavors that covered the wine in an aromatic robe different from that of a red wine of the same variety.
  • Olfactory highlights:
    Floral flavors with accents of strawberry and yellow cherries
  • Taste highlights:
    Citrus, cherries, velvety, fresh and round in attack, with good acidity and aftertaste

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